Fineness of using the clutch and

Yes driver candidate for friends Everyone knows, like the car’s sophisticated wants is a job that work out until you spent so much time’ll cudgel note the result irtibariyle this work will we learn, but important, this work how much time learned and learned ones how much is available to the biliyoruz.Bir car to use the clutch pedal with Our search tool olmalıki our very, very good in traffic on narrow roads to the streets peacefully among the clutch of bilelim.Öncelikler Where should we have known it before

When to use the clutch

While 1.Vites change (increase or gear down speed)

Stop when 2.Yavaşlayıp

yukarıdadanda certain areas of the clutch as very few but very good for better understanding and a driving need to know how to use.

How to use the clutch in which cases should

Car when lifting: Agent of our head, we moved to the clutch pressed and shift our 1 insert was hand frenizimiz sent down (right foot Feriye’s going to be on, otherwise the car, our rock knows) output signal we have given the car over the need to remove in this case, the clutch is very important I footprint is the clutch of the grip of the catch could not get the car We can not have çalıştırmk stops again we have to do it very easy to give tips for using the clutch

* Transfer time the car in the clutches of the foot we slowly çekecez (right foot brake will be over) up our clutch of taking our eyes transfer time will öylebir point when it comes to revolution of the needle over the slightest little play makes the car start to flicker and that’s to play and flickering that you capture time understanding (idle) point came demektir.Evet grip point got the feet and we at that point sabitlenmeki such a sensitive point on your foot smallest playing in your car stops aware that etmeliyiz.Ayağımızı at this point sabitledikten right foot our brake pedal removed from the fast and the series in a way that gas pedal press are car next shake of the switch will see that ( accelerator until the end of load it under your foot on the eggs like there’s gas pedal press (transfer time 2 or 20 where it says until the gas give yeterlidir.işin most sensitive place came gases while vehicle in our car over the move you’ll feel and gas to stop before your feet slowly clutch to remove Continue to implement it if you know to take off smoothly.

* Cycle time is the same as non-arablarda remove your foot from the clutch wheel would normally be more than the tremors and the engine sound grasp this point is the point of stretching değişekcek time again as described above will be

Note: To remove the Ramps used in the above in writing blogs, I see what exactly geçerlidir.Bazı forums by pulling the hand brake on ramps to remove unnecessary crap I think I have written an application that feels like …

Use of the clutch while changing gears
Transmission time respectively değiştiriceğiniz
Gas pedal and pull 1.Ayağınızı
Press the end 2.Debriyaja
Change 3.Vitesinizi
Remove from the clutch slowly 4.Ayağınızı
Giving way to keep your 5.Gaz