How to take car



1.Araç motor oil, glass, water, radiator water for at least 2-3 times per week you must check.

2.Akü check the water (due to evaporation may be missing)

If the terminals do 3.Akü oxidation hot (boiling water) per pole to clear the shed and the oxides of the polar head riding do not forget to grease.

4.Aracınıza ride in your car before and after you always take a tour around your vehicle to check the tires and hood.


Let us know 1.Aracımızın indicators which point we know what that means absolutely.

2.Direksiyonun right and left arms of the need to find out what it does

3.Direksiyonun at the bottom left over, respectively Clutches – Brakes – Gas pedal on the ground and work know that we (the left foot just the clutch to use his right foot while the brakes he is my gas pedal to use the left foot with ABSOLUTELY, BUT ABSOLUTELY brakes will not.

Where 4.Vites arm is and how we understand the place of gear to be used

5.El know how to use the brake, and that’s where we


1.Sürücü seat, according to our own height adjustment.

2.Arka of view mirror (rearview mirror) setting.

Wearing a belt and know the importance 3.Emniyet.

4.Debriyaj speed by pressing the pedal to the empty position (right foot in hand, our situation is not slant brake brakes car sliding in expenses should have been otherwise)

VEHICLE MOVEMENT ready for our D.

1.Gerekli after all adjustments to the clutch with the left foot by the end of our basacız.
2.Vitesimizi the 1st gear takeoff We’ll gear and ignition switch (starter switch) to turn through the windshield of the vehicle will give our first move.
3.Aracımızın that position in the Left / Right in front of us or behind us by giving a signal to the future and we must warn the vehicles.
4.Evet job of the finest and most sensitive point, the vehicle that action to have to do clutch setting how time has come, this grip is very sensitive and skills who wants a job is so much precision and ability to demand money that we use tools that sensitive spot caught when us some symptoms gives some signal to them is not difficult to understand. The delicate balance to capture and bring into service our first car with our left foot pressing the clutch and gear up to the end of 1 Inserted after (right foot our brake on the will and the hand brake landed in position to be) the left foot of our clutch pedal from the gradual removal will begin this leg of our removal process used to make the tools we us some tips of the tool ready for action, so there they were listed as the know.

As we approached the foot grip 1.Debriyajdan reservation will change the sound of the engine idle for a normal tone of voice you hear outside sounds and know to easily understand the changes.

2.Direksiyonda should normally be more than chills

In the car 3.Devir clock cycle time will be played over the needle.

That the three items mentioned above which it matter if you come to your easy to get yourself some action to know your vehicle.

EXAMPLE: A driver who reads this to him 3 candidate Article writing revolution of the pointer of the play based on the jet lag driver candidate needs to do. The left foot and push the clutch from the feet, gradually removing will begin and the cycle time of the needle of the play when he saw the foot of the clutch in the level sabitleyecek quick and swift movement his foot brake pedal, remove it from the will and the series in a move gas to touch the pedals (he borrowed the car will end the chills), and you will see the car moving car moving along the approximately 3-5 meters, when he removed his foot from the clutch pedal to fully know it.

In the other items the same rules apply. But from another point of the clutch and gas pedal a balance of the scales and think like clutches of your feet how much lift you so much on the gas pedal you push your will suffice, but keep in mind the clutch in the clutch half a delicate point every car in the grip is different.

We were able to move our car and our car in the road course and 1 Shift the average 10-15 yards after going our tool gears change need to be to understand it very simple to car gun If you’re in the car more speed does not and the engine normally at the top of the sound coming no gears to change the time has come to mean gears to replace the time

Pulling 1.Ayağımızı accelerator

We are pressing the end 2.Debriyaja

3.Vitesimizi 2 We clutch our feet a bit of gear and removed quickly and immediately after we borrowed our car as we continued our way

4th (3-4-5) When installing the gear up to apply the same sort of materials we have.

5. Where we will gear the rules still apply.

Written above the subject matter they all fit and harmony it was built for a safe driving could achieve otherwise, in the case without control, and no unsafe driving has oluruz.Tabi driving this is not limited to certain situations, but used at the beginning was to understand kolaydır.Kullandığımız vehicles in the rear-view mirrors that allow us to ride safely in traffic flow but they do definitely our rearview mirror should check every 3-5 seconds. Otherwise, the vehicles and pedestrians around us, and we have put under arrest can not stand that we may be forced to meet with results.

We stop E. MEANS

1.El pull brake (brake and clutch at our feet will be down)
2.Vitesi you get divorced.
Close 3.Sinyallerinizi
4.Kontak key to stop the engine by turning yourself
According to the slope 5.Yol situation in reverse gear or a plug.

Driving for a good …